Terms & Conditions 


1. Payments

All payments are due a minimum of 1 week (7 days) prior to the chosen date of the training course.

2. Refunds 

There are no refunds on products brought through this site without 48 hours notice.


3. Cancellations/Non attendance

A full refund may be given if you decide to cancel with more than 48 hours notice.

If you cancel your training course date and without a minimum of 48 hours notice and you do not wish to book on to another course date, then only 50% of your payment will be refunded. 

When courses in person or Zoom meetings are missed, you will be asked if you would like to attend another training date.


     If you would like to book on to another training date, there will be an admin fee of £25.


     If you decide not to attend any other dates then we will only be able to return 50% of your payment.


4. Late or early arrival 

If you arrive early to the Zoom training, please wait in the waiting room and you will be admitted at the course start time.


If late for the meeting, you will be admitted as soon as possible,  however the meeting will end at the agreed time with no adjustment to the fee. 


5. GDPR/Data protection act 

We are required to keep your details on file for seven years, they may be kept on hard copy or computer, this information will be kept secure, as per ICO guidelines on security.


6. Guarantees 

There are a number of complex factors influencing the success of individuals SEO and, whilst benefits are typically observed in the majority of cases, there can be no guarantees of reaching page 1 of search engines.


The SEO Frog reserves the right to cancel or postpone an and training dates if there are circumstances beyond our control. 50% of your payment will be returned should you decide not to return to another training date. Your appointment space has been reserved for you and part payment is for preparation and time lost. 

The SEO Frog reserve the right to change the training times, dates, venues and any video calling service.

The SEO Frog reserves the right to change/update the fees and the terms and condition without notice. 


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