Online SEO Course in London

What is SEO?

SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimisation" which, is how you get higher up the ranks and onto page one of search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.

The fundamentals of the best SEO tips are based on a few factors e.g. Keywords, Meta Tags and "H" Tags. A lot of websites we see make many mistakes when starting out, but with our secret formula, we will teach you how to be SUCCESSFUL and get to the top of major search engines. 

What we do?

Unlike other SEO companies, we are not guaranteeing you the top of page one because, that is impossible for everyone to be at the top of page one on search engines, but rather we teach you the skills to do everything yourself and how to put this information into practice so YOU can see your results and and thus keeping your marketing budget down so you can invest that money back into your business.

It can be confusing not to understand IT terms and the technical jargon, which is why we have converted this SEO into everyday language. 


Our aim, is for you to be your own marketer, so that you are able to develop your business from day one, know how to analyse and adjust your progress and be self sufficient - but more importantly, to be self-reliant 

  • Gain the most from your marketing. 

  • Power up your website. 

  • SEO, Search Engine Optimisation training. 

  • Tips and tricks to get you noticed on social media. YES, social media is important in marketing in the modern world. 

  • How to successfully link with social media to boost your client numbers. 

  • The key essentials to Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, to maintain your internet ranking presence. 

  • The ability to maintain your website on the first page of search engines, without paying for adds. 

We specialise in working with small and start up businesses to help them get up on Google. I isn't just SEO we will help you with, we will also help you to get the most out of which ever social media that will suit your clients and customers.

There are some very expensive companies out there that say they will do all the work for you but how do you know if they are actually doing any work? This is why we will be teach you all the key elements so you can maintain and develop your website to be number one in your industry.

You might be the best in the world at what you do, but if you do not have any clients or customers, your training, skills and resources, will be frustrated.