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The Best SEO for 2020 | Search Engine Optimisation 2020

We are The SEO Frog, specialising in helping you to reach the top of the major search engines. We teach you the best SEO techniques for 2020

If you're a small business and can't find your website on Google, then we can help you. Even if you are a start up business and want to get your website up and running, then you will need your shop front to be seen in the high street. Luckily, we have over 15 years of experience of SEO "know how" and we can claim that every website we have worked with has reached page one on Google.

Search Engine Optimisation can be a complicated process but we have simplified everything you need to know to make it easy for you do yourself so you don't have to spend hundreds of pounds a month on hiring a "professional" to do something that can cause detrimental affects to your search engine rankings.

We offer two packages;

This is a one day course held over Zoom where we teach you our secret formula so you can leap ahead of your competitors.

Our 1-1 session is also held via Zoom but much more bespoke and over 5 weeks (1 hour a week).

What will you learn?




You can read more about each toping by on our Packages Page

Social media is a big part of any SEO and just as important in any business, in fact the two work hand in hand and that is why we have included this into our Online Training Course.

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